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Safety first! Why did we launch our own line of face masks? Not only is #FYP the hottest trend on TikTok (ask your kids), we always want to make a difference with our products by making a statement.

We're proud to offer the most comfortable 3-ply cotton masks you've worn — with a built-in pocket for your own filter and head-strap, not ear loop, for wearable comfort all day long. 

Admittedly, we weren't very happy with masks early on (most were made in other countries like China). So we searched the United States for quality materials, breathable fabrics, a mask structure that didn't annoy me as I talk, and a cut that never droops or tugs the ears. Add an awesome design that every age group loves...and #FYPMasks were born.

Please support this effort and share FOR YOUR PROTECTION MASKS with friends. They are now available at the unbeatable price of $19.99 for a limited time. Show your kids these masks! They'll get it. 

Stay safe & happy,

Aaron Ball