Digi Video Books were created to help you "Share Moving Moments!" We're by far the highest quality photo book with video on the market — and home of the Digi Original Video Book with a USB thumb drive archive built right in! 

It's easy to add videos to your video book, customize your outside and inside cover and get it shipped right to you or your loved one! If you have any trouble at all, you are welcome to reach us at to request a phone call. Our friendly American team loves to help make magic for our customers.

Digi Deluxe Video Book

Frequently Asked Questions — Digi Video Books

  • How can I order another exact same video book? Simple! Reply to the email that your Digi Creative Concierge sent you during the creative process.
  • How are Digi Video Books made? After purchasing video books at, your Digi Creative Concierge (a friendly American) will email you to confirm your order details. They’ll send you a link to easily upload your cover images and video. We make the process simple and fun! Once you confirm your creative preferences, it takes our American production team 5-10 business days to print and hand-assemble your Digi Video Book. Three to five days later, Digis arrive fully-loaded, charged, and ready to immediately "wow" recipients — right out of the box.
  • Hoping to send Digi as a gift? Your Digi Creative Concierge will confirm the recipient's address with you prior to shipping
  • What do Digi Video Books cost? Purchase video books one at a time at discounted rates starting at $79 (Digi Mini), $159 (Digi Original), or $289 (Digi Deluxe with printed pages). Bulk discounts are available. Inquire by emailing us.
  • When will my video book arrive? After you complete the upload of your images and/or video it takes our American production team 5-10 business days to hand-build each Digi. Shipping typically takes 3-5 business days. You can select Expedited Delivery at checkout for 2-3 day shipping.
  • Can I have someone else help create the Digi Video Book? Yes! Whether gifting Digi to someone or creating your own Digi with someone more “tech savvy,” you can share the links in the confirmation email your Creative Concierge will send you.
  • What if I don’t know yet? You or your gift recipients have 12 months from the date purchased to build the video book.
  • Can I upload pictures or just video?  You can upload up to 100 photos for playback one at a time or upload a video or videos (up to 1 hour of video.)
  • How do I make a video to upload to Digi? Most people upload their own video(s) for us to load on their Digi at our fulfillment center in Pensacola, Florida. Google, Apple, and other devices make it easy to create DIY video montages using your photos. If you need help with this, you are welcome to contact your Creative Concierge to help.
  • Can you help me upload my videos? Certainly! Simply reply to any email from your Creative Concierge and we’ll setup a time to get together and make it happen.
  • Can I send a Digi Video Book to more people? Absolutely! Reply to any email and we will help or email us here.
  • How long with video books play before requiring a re-charge? Digi albums playback thousands of times for approximately 90 minutes per charge. Each comes with a free charging cable built in that is simple to use.
  • How to become a Digi Distributor? Read our Distributor FAQ Page and see if Digi is right for you or your organization.